Bamboo Flooring

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Bamboo Flooring

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A. Anti Abrasion coating

B. 100% natural bamboo material

C. eco friendly material

Experienced professional installers of hardwood flooring will find themselves right at home installing bamboo hardwood flooring. Although every installer has a style of his own guidelines for installing bamboo flooring are the same as those recommended for installing hardwood flooring in general. Those recommendations have been developed over several years by the national wood flooring association, the national oak flooring manufacturers association and the hardwood council.

Another good source of installing and finishing information can be found online at wood floors online.

Top Notch Bamboo Brands for Bamboo Floors

Bamboo floors which are actually made of bamboo are stronger and harder than many hardwoods!

Bamboo flooring boasts a tight grain and uniform color. With its rapid harvest time and regeneration properties, bamboo flooring is the leading eco-friendly flooring choice. Just like wood or laminate options, bamboo flooring comes in strips or planks that fit together. Our selections of bamboo floor products are chosen for their distinctive styles that can really make a room come alive. Our warranties on our bamboo floors are also sure to please!

* Easy to clean surface

* Easy to clean surface

* Superior stain resistance

* Superior fade resistance

* Install in/on all grade levels, even below grade

* Install over many different types of subfloors

* Great impact and indentation resistance

* Exceptional realism at affordable costs

* Easy to replace later on, if desired