Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring

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A. UV coating for protecting the color fade.

B. Highly anti-abrasive protective overlay.

C. PVC decorative flim.

D. Fiber glass layer, for keeping physical shape of floor.

E. Bottom layer, for keeping balance of floor.

F. State-of-the-art interlocking system.

G. 100% waterproof material,can use for any interior place.

Create a great ambience for any room in your home or office with these premium vinyl click planks. Whatever your taste may be or however you may want to lighten up your space, vinyl flooring will complement your interior!

In comparison to Laminate Flooring, due to its extreme durability, Vinyl Flooring is the perfect option suitable for homes especially with children and pets, offices, hospitals, cafes, etc.

Vinyl flooring is made up of 5 layers: Base layer, reinforcement layer, décor film, wear layer and the top most UV coating.

Why SPC Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring has the look at feel of real wood. What is better is it is 100% waterproof, fire resistant and slip resistant making it suitable for many settings. Here are a few many reason why you should use vinyl flooring in your home or office space.

• Easy to clean surface

• Eco friendly

• Superior fade resistance

• 100% waterproof material

• Low maintenance

• Install in/on all grade levels, even below grade.

• Install over many different types of subfloors.

• Affordable

• Easy to replace

• UV coated to protect the color from fading

• Highly effective wear- resistant protective overlay making it stain resistant

• PVC decorative fil

• Fibre glass layer to maintain shape of floor

• State-of-the-art interlocking system